AFTER, a new play

27 Feb

A new play is a thing of wonder! See this:

Final Visual

This one was written with my frequent collaborator Tala Manassah — big-timey educator by day (see, playwright by night.

And it’s  directed by Hadi Tabbal, phenomenal actor and director by day and night.
Hadi and I worked together last year, when he starred in my Humana play THE HOUR OF FEELING. One thing you should know about him: He looks great in a 1960s haircut!

Hadi Tabbal -Headshot

Hadi wanted to direct a play for the Arab and Arab-American community in Queens, so he approached us. Tala and I have written two other plays thus far: THE LETTER, and THE HOUSE. This one is described thusly:

Set in a family-owned bookstore in modern-day Brooklyn, AFTER follows high school student Tariq, who struggles to find his voice in his family and surrounding community. With his only friend Amelia, a dedicated activist, Tariq exploits his one superior talent that is nothing short of dangerous: hacking the internet. When his cousin Rania arrives to the United States under extremely mysterious circumstances, her presence causes a series of events that force Tariq and his family to reevaluate their fundamental questions about generational differences, discrimination, and truth.

I’d add to that that this is a play for young adults and up, really. Written for, and starring young adults, save for the amazing Yusef Bulos, who works side by side with the CUNY students. Come see!

Info: March 15-21, @ York College Little Theatre, Jamaica, New York; call box office for tix, (718) 262-5375.


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