Berkeley Rep! Ground Floor!

20 Mar

So Berkeley Rep announced this week the list of artists who will be participating in this summer’s Ground Floor. It’s a very impressive list! Here’s how they describe it: The Ground Floor is Berkeley Rep’s Center for the Creation and Development of New Work seeks to enhance and expand the processes by which Berkeley Rep makes theatre.

This will be an artistic playground/workspace/place for The Wife, a play I’m co-creating with Tala Manassah ( my collaborator on AFTER. Here’s our description:

This play with music is a cabaret act featuring the wife of a modern dictator somewhere in the Middle East. She’s Western-educated, British-accented; poised. She tells stories, jokes, sings in Arabic and English—and through her narrative and songs we track the progressive unraveling of a regime that, hastened by the 2011 revolutions in the region, goes from having a platform espousing anti-imperialist pan-Arabism to being a source of terror and revulsion among its own people. Underneath the songs and stories we unpack what power is, how “evil” can be accepted and how perhaps this “First Lady,” whose role is to provide a face to a regime—however unconscionable its actions—might have more in common with other first ladies, West and East, than perhaps we’d like to think.

We will be working with S.F.-based musicians. We will be listening to lots and lots of Arabic music and doing lots of research. Basically, all things I love to do.

Link below.



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