14 May

By the grace of many gods, I will be joining the fabulous people at the Sundance Theatre Lab this summer to work on a new project with Mark Wing-Davey. Mark! Mark! We worked together at the Humana Fest on The Hour of Feeling, and this play, The Vagrant, still very much in its beginning stages, is about the same character — Adham, the English Literature academic who has grown up in 1960s West Bank and goes to London to deliver a lecture in 1967.

In this new play (three characters so far), Adham has chosen never to go back to Palestine at all, and instead has made a life for himself in England. For anyone who knows Urge for Going, this play is like the ‘alternate’ reality/alternate path play: If he never goes back, what does his life look like? Do you avoid war’s horrors (in this case, in his case, the Lebanese Civil War) by avoiding the war? What happens to your psyche?  These are the questions I have begun to ask and will keep asking… this play rounds out the trilogy. I am thrilled to be going to such a beautiful spot with such a group of writers, directors, and actors, and so on.



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