Mountain + Writing

7 Jul

Getting ready to leave for Sundance, Utah! I’ve never been. They say it’s up on a mountain and such.

Will be developing (=FINISHING, inshallah, and I really mean inshallah) a new play, THE VAGRANT. It’s a third to round out a trilogy, which will ultimately include THE HOUR OF FEELING (set in 1967) and URGE FOR GOING (set in 2003). This time around, I will be living in early 1980s U.K., probably London.

Excited to start! It’s always a crazy/deep/scary/challenging and, I’ll I say it — fun — process to discover a new play. And so excited to have in the room two superb actors and friends – Hadi Tabbal, who starred in THE HOUR OF FEELING, and Tala Ashe, who starred as Jamila in URGE FOR GOING. She’ll be playing Jamila’s mother (as it were)  in this play, among other roles.

Hadi Tabbal_Headshottala 0046

The very tall and very talented Brendan Averett will play various academics and men from the village, and Mark Wing-Davey will be there directing, with Janice Paran acting as dramaturg. Great hearts and minds and thoughts in the room! And because Mark is directing, there will be research presentations!  It’s fun! So you know, now I just gotta WRITE.



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