The Way West goes Way Way West

28 Nov

Next spring The Way West goes up at Marin Theatre Company. Check this out:

There are a few things I’m very excited about:

Hayley Finn is directing. I met Hayley at the Public Theater years ago, when she came to talk to all of us about the Playwrights Center in Minneapolis. I became a Core Writer there and had the chance to work with Hayley twice on The Way West and The Hour of Feeling, with readings at the end of each. She’s smart! Incisive! Very fun to work with.

Two is, Margot Melcon will be there! She’s the lit manager at Marin, also mad smart, and she joined me in Minneapolis when we worked on the play.

Three: The play will be staged about two hour’s drive from Stockton, California. I’ve always had in mind Stockton or Modesto as the setting for it — a town that’s “seen better days.” So there’s that.

And then, and then, of course the cast, about whom I’ve heard nothing but great:


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