The Vagrant Trilogy Comes to DC

28 May

THE VAGRANT TRILOGY examines the life of one family — a Palestinian Wordsworth scholar and his loved ones — from three different vantage points, putting in concert for the first time the three plays URGE FOR GOING (Public LAB), THE HOUR OF FEELING (Humana Festival), and THE VAGRANT (commission, Public Theater; Sundance Lab). The plays, which span a 40-year period, collectively ask the question of how one choice can affect an entire life trajectory, and how sometimes the only redemption is found in language.

The trilogy receives its first staged outing in DC at Mosaic Theater, 1333 H Street NE. We open June 11, with previews starting June 6.  Mark Wing-Davey, my longtime collaborator, directs this lovely cast, with Hadi Tabbal and Dina Soltan playing Adham and Abir, who over the course of the three plays are together, apart, and together again, sort of. It’s complicated. 85B_2461

The rest of the cast are incredible, from left to right: Shpend Xani, Elan Zafir, Michael Kramer, and Nora Achrati. Fantastically smart Jesse Alick from the Public Theater has served as dramaturg on the project for years. Very grateful for such a great group bringing this family to life.  Yallah come. Here’s a link:  Trilogy




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