The Hour of Feeling

(4 men, 3 women. I guess we’d call this one just a straight-up drama. Warning: Arabic language herein!)

Beder: I knew that if I got rid of him, his pictures, I could do anything. I knew that to get you where you needed to go, all such feelings would have to be gotten rid of.

Adham: You left them. He and my father. That was your choice.

There was no choice to be had! What a ridiculous thought! Choice. What a myth. Choice is a luxury.



Production: 2015 Williams College, Williamstown
Director: David Eppel
Set: David Gurcay-Morris. Costume:s Deborah Brothers. Lights : Jeff Bruckerhoff. Sound: Sarah Pier

Cast: Bailey Edwards, Gabrielle DiBenedetto, Justin Jones, Scott Lipman, Paige Peterkin, Madeline Seidman







Production: 2011 Humana Festival of New American Plays, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Director: Mark Wing-Davey
Set: Michael B. Raiford. Costume: Lorraine Venberg. Lights : Brian J. Lilienthal. Sound: Matt Callahan. Dramaturgs: Sarah Lunnie, Ismail Khalidi.

Cast: David Barlow, William Connell, Judith Delgado, Marianna McLellan, Hadi Tabbal, Rasha Zamamiri



Rasha Zamamiri, Hadi Tabbal


Rasha Zamamiri, Hadi Tabbal




One Response to “The Hour of Feeling”

  1. Ifath Sayed May 1, 2015 at 7:19 am #

    Hello. Can I please know about where I can access the script of this play?

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